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The Real Enneagram: Introduction to the 9 Personality Types (3 part series)

Part I: The first part of The Real Enneagram will introduce the Enneagram personality system and the 9 personality styles. Participants will learn the core fears, motivations, defense strategies and gifts of the types.

Part II-The second series of The Real Enneagram will delve deeper into the finer details of the Enneagram system including wings, Tritype™ and the instinctual subtypes. Participants will learn of the compelling lexicon research that inspired the Enneagram Lexical Analysis Survey and how each type speaks in the language of their Enneagram type.

Part III-The third series of The Real Enneagram will be an immersive experience where participants work with other participants to start recognizing the types and their patterns through case studies, panels and video examples.

The Real Enneagram Workshop Series
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Levels and Stages of Empathy

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Cultural Competency in the Workplace

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