Consulting and Coaching


Talent/Recruitment Consulting

Human Resource managers and directors spend a great deal of time looking for appropriate talent to fill organizational needs. A great deal of money and time is spent acquiring expensive assessments that can get them no closer to finding the right candidate for a particular position. In my experience the only thing necessary to place talent in the right jobs is an understanding of human motivation, behavior and skills. Once you know what kind of person you need, finding that person becomes much easier.


Organizational Culture Consulting

In much the same way that individuals need direction and coaching in understanding themselves and those around them, organizations benefit from understanding the interrelatedness of their goals and the people hired to execute those goals. We synthesize various systems into digestible and understandable units that can easily be integrated into organizational cultures. We don’t believe in boring, dogmatic approaches to organizational change but facilitating  organic holistic shifts based on a growing understanding of those who shape the organization.


Executive Coaching

Leading an organization is difficult and often quite stressful. Utilizing our skills as  counselors and educators, Enneagram certified coaches and our natural empathetic resonance we help leaders to understand their leadership styles, by identifying their strengths, weaknesses, blindspots, and growing edge to better inspire those in their spheres to do the same. We believe the Enneagram typology with the synthesis of Myers Briggs, understanding one’s conflict and empathy styles and an honest assessment of one’s skills in management executives can take themselves and others to “the next level”.