Human Systems, Personality & Cultural Competency

The underpinning for all of our methodologies is a holistic and integral psychological approach to understanding human behavior and interaction. Having studied both non-western and western traditional psychological modalities we pull from a large internal rolodex of information to understand what “makes people tick” allowing us to view individuals and organizations from a unique 360 degree perspective.  We are both well versed in

  • The Enneagram

  • Levels of Human Empathy

  • Myers Briggs

  • Spiral Dynamics

  • Multiple Intelligences

  • The Big Five

  • Microexpressions and micromovements

  • Jungian Psychology and Transpersonal psychology

  • Quantum Psychology

  • Communication lexicon

  • Conflict Management

  • Human Potential Enhancement

  • Somatic Character Structures

  • Cultivating empathy and sympathy

  • Compassionate communication

  • Psychological core triggers and defenses

  • Organizational communication

Our understanding of psychology is the underpinning to our work with all human beings whether on an individual level or an institutional or professional setting. We believe that when all is known all is forgiven and that most misunderstandings, conflicts and malfunctions within an organization can be effectively navigated if people can gain greater understanding of one another. Additionally organizations themselves have a psychological blueprint that governs working behavior and culture that can be both healthy or unhealthy.

 We offer trainings, workshops as well as assessment and diagnosis of organizational issues using the above mentioned approaches.